Find your Balance

Coaching with Claudia

Life is precious and it’s a balancing act. Coaching is a powerful resource for finding and staying in our balance, and when we lose it, getting back on track. Unlike counselling where we might seek to uncover ‘what’s wrong and why’, in coaching we focus on what’s working and build from there. Looking after ourselves is so important, and yet while many of us wouldn’t miss a dental or medical check up, attending to our inner selves often doesn’t happen until we are heading for a crisis.

However, coaching is not only about avoiding crises; it’s also about connecting to your deeper being and steering your ship toward the life that you want for yourself. Drawing on tools from Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Acceptance Commitment Coaching (ACT) and Deep Listening, we explore what that might mean for you in a confidential and non-judgmental space. Together we find pathways towards your goals and deal with any challenges along the way.

Coaching is interactive, where both you and I are focused on your development in a warm and confidential setting.
  • explore your unique gifts and values
  • manage anxiety and negative thoughts
  • find your balance and flow
  • uncover your creative strengths
  • learn about mindfulness
  • reset your goals and vision
  • techniques to address fatigue
  • connect with your inner wisdom
Rewards come with practice and so in each coaching session we agree on a couple of action steps for you to try between sessions. You don’t have to nail it in the first go, but the willingness to try is important.
My formal background is a Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology (University of Sydney) and over twenty years’ counselling experience. I am also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I know the importance of balancing high performance with adequate recovery and have explored the science of recovery and burnout prevention in order to be able to sustain one’s passions and callings. I have trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Enneagram coaching. I have a creative background and have performed internationally and in Australia as a musician and love working with people to foster their creativity. I have regular coaching sessions so that I can keep ‘steering my ship’ towards the life of my dreams.

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  • Debbie Pask
    Claudia is a natural coach. Her depth of learning and empathy is unrivalled by many; I personally call upon her to provide serious feedback to my life challenges when they come up.
    Debbie Pask
    Business Coach, Zenful Business
  • Michelle Etheve
    Claudia is an exceptional coach. I liken the experience to being hugged with warmth, authenticity, genuine empathy and a depth of knowledge in evidence-based coaching approaches…Her strengths lie in clarifying purpose, building motivation and developing powerful and supportive relationships.
    Michelle Etheve
    Teacher, Coach and Education Designer
  • Katrina Schlunke
    Coaching with Claudia reignited my professional imagination, expanded my thinking and left a structural legacy based on my real values. I would warmly recommend Claudia’s creative coaching to anyone, anywhere, wanting to work and live well.
    Katrina Schlunke
    Associate Professor, School of Communications, University of Technology.