Restorative Experiences

Creativity, Nature, Rejuvenation

Looking to recharge, revitalise and reconnect? Drawing on the latest findings from Positive Psychology, Attention Restoration Theory, Mindfulness and Creativity research, Claudia facilitates small group experiences to foster connection and joy through the creative arts, the natural world and meditative experiences.
November 16, 2014
Coaching Southern Highlands 02

Music circles for Connection

There is growing research linking rhythm and drumming with healing, boosted immune systems, positive relationships and release of stress. Using ocean drums, bells, chimes, cajons and the myriad of instruments I have collected over my 20 + years of playing, we explore dynamics, rhythms and soundscapes together to enter into what Hungarian psychologist, Csikszentmihalyi, refers to as the Flow State. While percussion and drumming circles tend to be loud and fast, this one is different….it’s a restorative space where music connects, inspires and calms.
November 16, 2015

Mindful movement to Relax and Unwind

This experience incorporates gentle movements from tai chi, yoga and dance to invite our attention into the present moment. I am a qualified dance and yoga teacher (Grad dip Creative Industries, Yoga Australis Level 1) and I love to work with people to connect to their deeper selves through the body’s grace and beauty in movement. Focusing our attention on how the breath intersects with the body, invites us to settle and connect as we move, relax and unwind. A restorative ritual for the body and spirit.
November 16, 2018
Coaching Southern Highlands 03

Meditative Nature Trails

The Byron shire has long been a place to retreat to and recover from the stresses of city life. In this experience we draw on the beautiful natural environment to put into practice the latest science on recovery and rejuvenation. William James, the father of modern Psychology, was one of the first to research the role of attention in restoring one’s energy and mental processes and in recent years, there has been substantial research linking nature to the recovery of attention, for example through the work of Steve Kaplan’s Attention Restoration Theory (ART). In this experience we will explore proven ways to interact with nature, drawing on James’ and Kaplan’s work, to recover from mental fatigue and deepen presence. We will also explore mindfulness as a related approach to strengthen our connection to nature and our deeper selves.
November 16, 2018

Guided meditations to Rejuvenate

In this experience, we explore the role of meditation to help us relax and connect inwards through resting and rejuvenating. Drawing on neuroscience approaches to mindfulness, we explore the capacity for disengaging from ‘top down’ narrative knowing to experience ‘bottom up’ sensory experiences. Through stepping our nervous system gradually down through guided body, sound and space meditation, amid soft candle light and comfortable surrounds, this is an opportunity to calm and connect to our inner being. Ideal for centring and collecting before a wedding or special event, or for restoring vitality with a small group of friends or colleagues.
November 16, 2018
Coaching Southern Highlands

Weddings & Special Events

For special events and celebrations, being present and connected with our friends and families is key. Whether you are planning a wedding, a special birthday, a reunion of old friends or some other event or ritual, if you would like to include an experience to connect, inspire and centre people before, or as part of an event, please contact Claudia to discuss options.

Claudia’s Background

Claudia loves working with people to foster creativity and connection through the natural world, creative arts and meditation. She has a masters degree in Coaching Psychology (University of Sydney) and is a qualified teacher (BA Dip Ed) with a Graduate Diploma in Dance Teaching (QUT) and Yoga Teacher Training (Level 1). She brings over 20 years’ experience working with people as a facilitator and trainer. Her current work focuses on coaching and training in Recovery & Performance, Nature Therapy, Positive Psychology, Creativity and Mindfulness. She has also worked internationally as a musician (Luka Bloom, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Australian Chamber Orchestra: ACO Move) and works at Petrea King’s Quest for Life Foundation as a facilitator.

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    • Fiona Razavet
      Claudia has run regular workshops on nature restoration, mindfulness, movement and music. She brings creativity, joy and sensitivity to her work and we loved having her, as did all our guests!
      Fiona Razavet
      Manager, Solar Springs, Bundanoon
    • Kjell Goyer
      Thoroughly planned and well thought out by our host, Claudia. We were able to connect and recharge with the natural beauty of the bush. Wonderfully restful and restorative.
      Kjell Goyer
      Nature workshop participant
    • Robyn Dwyer
      Claudia is passionate and talented. She has clearly studied with masters and conveys her knowledge and enthusiasm clearly. Genuine, energetic and authentic.
      Robyn Dwyer
      Music workshop participant
    • Nuria Rodriquez
      The meditative nature trail was a wonderful experience. I came away refreshed, and more conscious of shifts in my attention. It has made me more aware of the trees and sounds of birds even in the city and able to experiment with that awareness. Totally recommended!
      Nuria Rodriquez
      Nature workshop participant
    • Luka Bloom
      When Claudia Chambers lived in Ireland I had the pleasure of working with her in many concerts. Claudia was always great to work with, very professional. very talented…She’s great!
      Luka Bloom