About Claudia

About Claudia

I’m interested in connecting to and tending to one’s inner well, one’s deeper self which replenishes and nourishes all that we do.

Like many of us, as a child, I discovered a sense of freedom and belonging in nature. We used to visit coastal Victoria on holidays, and while walking alone up and down hills in the rain or trailing beaches at sunrise, I had strong experiences of freedom and inner peace. As I grew up, that connection became harder to tap into, as my mind and life got busier and increasingly complex.

I had lots of rich, and some challenging, experiences through my 20’s and 30’s. I studied to be a teacher, a passion of mine since being young, and worked for many years as a trainer, musician and creative arts educator. But like many of us, I overdid it and woke up one day to find myself exhausted with nothing left in the tank. I didn’t know what sports scientists have known for a long time, namely the importance of recovery and balance to match output and performance.

Some years later, I returned to university to do a Masters in Coaching Psychology. My main interest was in the emerging fields of Positive Psychology, Performance & Recovery, and Mindfulness research, and it was here that I also came across Attention Restoration Theory (ART), a fascinating body of work which draws on nature as a tool for recovery from mental fatigue. Through my research projects on peak performance and recovery, I was able to contact experiences of inner peace and joy which I hadn’t been in contact with for decades. Since then I have been exploring creative ways which can guide us back into our deeper selves through nature, meditation and creativity.

The sufi mystic, Rumi, speaks of tuning into one’s ‘divine instructions’ and for me these days, this means working with people to find balance, peace and joy in their lives. For each of us, that means something different, and in my Coaching, Training and Experiences, we explore ways to connect back to our inner springs, our inner wells, so that we can tune in to–and live–what matters most in our lives.

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  • Debbie Pask
    Claudia is an amazing facilitator and trainer. Her ability to listen to others, define the challenge with clarity and open up opportunities for change is an amazing gift. She understands both the logical and the emotional side of any roadblock and weaves both of these strategies into her work.
    Debbie Pask
    Business Coach and Trainer, Zenful Business
  • Workshop participant
    Everything was related back to our individual needs/professions and we really got to think about how we would use this in our specific settings. Claudia was great - so inclusive and friendly and it was really lovely how all opinions were valued and discussed.
    Workshop participant
    Positive Psychology Training
  • Robyn Dwyer
    Claudia is passionate and talented. She has clearly studied with masters and conveys her knowledge and enthusiasm clearly. Genuine, energetic and authentic.
    Robyn Dwyer
    Music workshop participant
  • Cali Prince
    Claudia has a gift for sensitively supporting people in their journey of empowerment, wellbeing and creative discovery.
    Cali Prince
    Founder, Hearts Essence
  • Katrina Schlunke
    Coaching with Claudia reignited my professional imagination, expanded my thinking and left a structural legacy based on my real values. I would warmly recommend Claudia’s creative coaching to anyone, anywhere, wanting to work and live well.
    Katrina Schlunke
    Associate Professor, School of Communications, University of Technology.