About Claudia

About Claudia

My formal background is a Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology (University of Sydney) and over twenty years’ counselling experience. I am also a qualified teacher and trainer (BA Dip Ed) with a Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts (QUT).

My main interest in my Coaching studies was in the emerging fields of Positive Psychology, Performance & Recovery, and Mindfulness research, and it was here that I also came across Attention Restoration Theory (ART), a fascinating body of work which draws on nature as a tool for recovery from mental fatigue. I have also studied Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Enneagram Coaching. As well as coaching clients in my own business here at Cloud 9, I have also worked as a coach and/or facilitator for various organisations (Estee Lauder, Petrea King’s Quest for Life Foundation, Training and Coaching Solutions, Your New Gig, WEA Sydney etc)

The sufi mystic, Rumi, speaks of tuning into one’s ‘divine instructions’ and for me this means working with people to find these in the midst of life’s challenges so that we can tune in to – and live – what matters most in our lives.

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    • Susan
      I really enjoyed working with Claudia as a positive coach. Her skills, warmth and compassion helped me develop self-confidence and resilience and move towards achieving positive goals.  With Claudia's assistance, I was able to confidently put my best self forward in job applications and interviews, and develop skills to answer difficult questions regarding difficult life circumstances, such as having an injury.  I am very grateful to Claudia for helping me achieve success.
    • Sue Gee
      Having recently retired, downsized and had a relationship break-up I was in dire need of Claudia's sensitive and practical coaching and counselling services. I continued to see her regularly for about a year and a half. With practical exercises, "homework" and guided meditation techniques I was able to apply the strategies Claudia taught me in our sessions. Claudia helped me recover and find direction for my life post-pandemic.
      Sue Gee
    • Debbie Pask
      Claudia is a natural coach. Her depth of learning and empathy is unrivalled by many; I personally call upon her to provide serious feedback to my life challenges when they come up.
      Debbie Pask
      Business Coach, Zenful Business
    • Michelle Etheve
      Claudia is an exceptional coach. I liken the experience to being hugged with warmth, authenticity, genuine empathy and a depth of knowledge in evidence-based coaching approaches…Her strengths lie in clarifying purpose, building motivation and developing powerful and supportive relationships.
      Michelle Etheve
      Teacher, Coach and Education Designer
    • Cali Prince
      Claudia has a gift for sensitively supporting people in their journey of empowerment, wellbeing and creative discovery.
      Cali Prince
      Founder, Hearts Essence
    • Katrina Schlunke
      Coaching with Claudia reignited my professional imagination, expanded my thinking and left a structural legacy based on my real values. I would warmly recommend Claudia’s creative coaching to anyone, anywhere, wanting to work and live well.
      Katrina Schlunke
      Associate Professor, School of Communications, University of Technology.