Interview Training & Coaching

Individualised coaching to support clients wanting to increase their confidence and skills in job interviews and transitioning to new roles.

  • Build confidence
  • Utilise interview questions to one's advantage
  • Practice thinking on your feet
  • Prepare all aspects of job interviews
  • Manage nerves
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    Boost Your Confidence

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    Develop Your Skills

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    Manage Your Nerves

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    How it works

    Before our first meeting, I’ll send you a questionnaire and get you to send across some background information on your goals and where you’re at currently. We then work together to build your skills so that you can bring your best self to the interview process.

    During the coaching sessions you will:

  • Learn how to highlight your strengths in interviews
  • Develop skills to prepare for pre-interview, interview and post-interview
  • Incorporate feedback to refine and improve interview performance
  • Understand what your main saboteurs are and how to work with them when under pressure
  • Tap into your strengths to communicate authentically and confidently
  • Learn how to foster your ‘inner coach’ and quieten your ‘inner critic’
  • Learn how to stand out from other applicants
  • Develop skills to manage anxiety and nerves
  • Packages

    About Claudia

    My formal background is a Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology (University of Sydney) and over twenty years’ experience working with people in different aspects of job seeking. I am a qualified trainer and teacher (BA DipEd) and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Over the years I have worked individually with coaching clients as well as provided training in job seeking and business writing for specific workplace programs (Training and Coaching Solutions, YWCA, WEA).

    I've worked with people from many different walks of life and in different sectors, both public and private. I have worked with people looking for a career change or promotion, people returning to work after time away, and people looking for their first job or work experience. I love assisting people with all aspects of the job-seeking process and seeing people move forward with their goals and values, both personal and professional.

    • Susan
      I really enjoyed working with Claudia as a positive coach. Her skills, warmth and compassion helped me develop self-confidence and resilience and move towards achieving positive goals.  With Claudia's assistance, I was able to confidently put my best self forward in job applications and interviews, and develop skills to answer difficult questions regarding difficult life circumstances, such as having an injury.  I am very grateful to Claudia for helping me achieve success.
    • Michelle Etheve
      Claudia is an exceptional coach. I liken the experience to being hugged with warmth, authenticity, genuine empathy and a depth of knowledge in evidence-based coaching approaches…Her strengths lie in clarifying purpose, building motivation and developing powerful and supportive relationships.
      Michelle Etheve
      Teacher, Coach and Education Designer

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