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    • Sue Gee
      Having recently retired, downsized and had a relationship break-up I was in dire need of Claudia's sensitive and practical coaching and counselling services. I continued to see her regularly for about a year and a half. With practical exercises, "homework" and guided meditation techniques I was able to apply the strategies Claudia taught me in our sessions. Claudia helped me recover and find direction for my life post-pandemic.
      Sue Gee
    • Debbie Pask
      Claudia is a natural coach. Her depth of learning and empathy is unrivalled by many; I personally call upon her to provide serious feedback to my life challenges when they come up.
      Debbie Pask
      Business Coach, Zenful Business
    • Michelle Etheve
      Claudia is an exceptional coach. I liken the experience to being hugged with warmth, authenticity, genuine empathy and a depth of knowledge in evidence-based coaching approaches…Her strengths lie in clarifying purpose, building motivation and developing powerful and supportive relationships.
      Michelle Etheve
      Teacher, Coach and Education Designer
    • Cali Prince
      Claudia has a gift for sensitively supporting people in their journey of empowerment, wellbeing and creative discovery.
      Cali Prince
      Founder, Hearts Essence
    • Katrina Schlunke
      Coaching with Claudia reignited my professional imagination, expanded my thinking and left a structural legacy based on my real values. I would warmly recommend Claudia’s creative coaching to anyone, anywhere, wanting to work and live well.
      Katrina Schlunke
      Associate Professor, School of Communications, University of Technology.