Nourishment at Work

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These days it is well understood that flourishing people are key to flourishing in organisations and the broader world. More and more, investing in training in self care, wellbeing and sustainability is part of contemporary workplace best practice.

Claudia loves distilling and presenting the best from the emerging areas of Positive Psychology, Performance, Mindfulness and Self-care in workplaces. She has a postgraduate qualification in Coaching Psychology (University of Sydney), is a qualified teacher and trainer with over twenty years’ experience training and facilitating.
Clients she has worked with include Estee Lauder, Aveda, MAC, Brown Wright Stein Lawyers, Pfizer, AMP, and numerous local councils and government departments.

Self-Care, Mindfulness, and Excellence at Work.

In this workshop we explore the science and practice of Self-care, Mindfulness and Attention Recovery in order to sustain excellence in one’s professional life.

Drawing together research and practice from the fields of Sports Science, Mindfulness and Attention Restoration Theory, this workshop assists employees to develop the skills necessary to support excellence in both performance and wellbeing at work. The science behind drive and high performance, and evidence based strategies to promote efficient and effective ‘oscillation’ between peak performance and recovery throughout personal and professional life are covered. Emerging re-search and practical skills in Mindfulness and Attention Restoration Theory are also explored. The workshop is designed to address and prevent burnout and low productivity, and to foster employees who are healthy, engaged and flourishing.

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Positive Psychology for the Workplace

In this workshop we explore the science and practice of Positive Psychology and its relevance to the modern workplaces.

Positive Psychology is the study of optimal functioning. Since its birth in 1998, there has been a call to shift from focusing on what is wrong with us, to what is right with us. The field has gathered huge momentum since then and the science of Positive Psychology now offers proven tools and strategies to help organisations foster excellence, resilience and creativity. With a fast growing body of research and evidence backing it up, Positive Psychology is becoming a central part of best practice training and development across public and private sectors.

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Mindful Business

There is a a growing body of research showing that mindfulness improves focus, mental stamina, resilience and decision making, among other benefits. Mindful Business explores the various ways we can integrate mindfulness to bring im-proved results and balance to our workplaces.


We cover an overview of the latest research linking mindfulness to peak performance, brain function, resilience, effective rest and stress recovery. The training then explores how we can integrate mindfulness into work life in three distinct ways:
1. Improving cognitive focus
2. Assisting recovery from mental fatigue
3. Developing emotional intelligence and ability to deal with challenges

The training is practical and experiential so that participants can explore and assess the suitability of various approaches for their situation

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  • Fiona Razavet
    Claudia has run regular workshops on nature restoration, mindfulness, movement and music. She brings creativity, joy and sensitivity to her work and we loved having her, as did all our guests!
    Fiona Razavet
    Manager, Solar Springs, Bundanoon
  • Heidi Philps
    “Claudia teaches ‘flow’ and ‘stretch’ for improved resilience in the corporate world and always brings great energy to the sessions.”
    Heidi Philps
    Senior Human Resources Manager, The Estee Lauder Companies
  • Katrina Schlunke
    Coaching with Claudia reignited my professional imagination, expanded my thinking and left a structural legacy based on my real values. I would warmly recommend Claudia’s creative coaching to anyone, anywhere, wanting to work and live well.
    Katrina Schlunke
    Associate Professor, School of Communications, University of Technology.
  • Cali Prince
    Claudia has a gift for sensitively supporting people in their journey of empowerment, wellbeing and creative discovery.
    Cali Prince
    Founder, Hearts Essence
  • Michelle Etheve
    Claudia is an exceptional coach. I liken the experience to being hugged with warmth, authenticity, genuine empathy and a depth of knowledge in evidence-based coaching approaches…Her strengths lie in clarifying purpose, building motivation and developing powerful and supportive relationships.
    Michelle Etheve
    Teacher, Coach and Education Designer
  • Debbie Pask
    Claudia is a natural coach. Her depth of learning and empathy is unrivalled by many; I personally call upon her to provide serious feedback to my life challenges when they come up.
    Debbie Pask
    Business Coach, Zenful Business
  • Kjell Goyer
    Thoroughly planned and well thought out by our host, Claudia. We were able to connect and recharge with the natural beauty of the bush. Wonderfully restful and restorative.
    Kjell Goyer
    Nature workshop participant
  • Robyn Dwyer
    Claudia is passionate and talented. She has clearly studied with masters and conveys her knowledge and enthusiasm clearly. Genuine, energetic and authentic.
    Robyn Dwyer
    Music workshop participant
  • Nuria Rodriquez
    The meditative nature trail was a wonderful experience. I came away refreshed, and more conscious of shifts in my attention. It has made me more aware of the trees and sounds of birds even in the city and able to experiment with that awareness. Totally recommended!
    Nuria Rodriquez
    Nature workshop participant
  • Luka Bloom
    When Claudia Chambers lived in Ireland I had the pleasure of working with her in many concerts. Claudia was always great to work with, very professional. very talented…She’s great!
    Luka Bloom
  • Workshop participant
    The presenter was very personable, encouraged active engagement, whilst also covering a good amount of content and was clearly knowledgeable on the topic.
    Workshop participant
    Mindfulness Training
  • Workshop participant
    Everything was related back to our individual needs/professions and we really got to think about how we would use this in our specific settings. Claudia was great - so inclusive and friendly and it was really lovely how all opinions were valued and discussed.
    Workshop participant
    Positive Psychology Training
  • Heidi Philps
    I have engaged Claudia to host several mini workshops for teaching staff performance and recovery in the workplace. Claudia uses experiential tools for teaching flow and stretch for improved resilience in the corporate world and always brings great energy to the sessions.
    Heidi Philps
    Senior Human Resources Manager, The Estee Lauder Companies
  • Debbie Pask
    Claudia is an amazing facilitator and trainer. Her ability to listen to others, define the challenge with clarity and open up opportunities for change is an amazing gift. She understands both the logical and the emotional side of any roadblock and weaves both of these strategies into her work.
    Debbie Pask
    Business Coach and Trainer, Zenful Business